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CMTDA President’s Message

Albert Leblanc
Season's Greetings. Welcome to our 7th issue of the newsletter. We have recently held our 59th annual general meeting at the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club in Woodbridge, Ontario. The meeting was well attended by members and guests. (A total of 93 people were present).

During the meeting various committee reports and financial status of the organization were presented to the members. Our guest speaker, John Cleveland from IRN Inc., gave us a very interesting and informative presentation on selling to the automotive industry and on lean manufacturing. As usual the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club did a great job in serving drinks and food.

Bob Mathieu from Reed Exhibitions reviewed the recent Canadian Machine Tool Show, the improvement in moving in and out, the good quality of attendees and mentioned the upcoming Montreal Show being full to capacity. Thanks Bob for a job well done.

Our thanks to the media, MP & P, CM & M, and CIM for offering refreshments and wine for the evening and for help with our directory and newsletter.

With the consensus of all the Directors, past president Jim Smith was made an Honorary Member of our association in recognition for his involvement, dedication and commitment over the years.

I would like to offer our sincere thanks and gratitude to Robert Dunbar for his guidance and leadership during his mandate as president. It has been a pleasure to work with a gentleman that has vision and devotion to the Association. I look forward to his support and advice as past president.

A special thank you to Peter Turton who has served as a director for the past ten years. His involvement, support and availability given for the improvement of this association are greatly appreciated.

I am pleased to welcome two new directors, Brian Donnelly, vice president of Ferro Technique Ltd. and John Manley, president of Machine Tool Systems Inc.

2002 will be the 60th anniversary of our association. A special celebration will take place June 14 to 16 at Deerhurst Resort, near Huntsville, Ontario. More information will be sent to you shortly.

Please make a note on your schedule for August 29, 2002. It is the date of our golf day and we will have more information to follow.

In order for the association to be an asset for the members it is imperative that we get feedback. Involvement is the key to a healthy association. We welcome your input. Please forward suggestions to the CMTDA office for the directors’ consideration.

Special thanks to Jim Burrows as his continuous effort and dedication make this association much more valuable to the members.

We are terminating a difficult business year but most of us have seen it before, so I am confident that 2002 will be much better.
In the mean time have a happy and safe Holiday Season.

Best Regards,

Albert LeBlanc, President

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Machine Tool Sales Remain Slow In All Areas

by CMTDA Executive Director Jim Burrows 
Sales for machine tools are continuing at a much lower pace than last year. 
The first 10 months of 2001 have come to 64% of the first 10 months of the year 2000. The average order size is $226,000 for lathes, $186,000 for vertical machining centers and $413,000 for horizontal machining centers.

For horizontal boring mills, the average order size is $635,000, $601,000 for vertical boring mills, $247,000 for wire EDM, $202,000 for EDM sinker, $339,000 for grinders and $159,000 for CMMs.

Conventional machine tools averaged $19,000, fabricating $59,000 and metal stamping $31,000. The overall average machine tool - $80,500. Some of these numbers are up slightly due to exchange, however the market remains extremely competitive. From January 1 to October 30, 2001 156 units were sold in Atlantic Canada at a value of $7,688,000; 809 units were sold in Quebec at a value of $91,991,000; 2,644 units were sold in Ontario at a value of $214,562,000; and 815 units were sold in Western Canada at a value of $49,976,000. 

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The CMTDA’s Purpose and Objectives

The Canadian Machine Tool Distributors Association was founded in 1942 as a trade association dedicated to the marketing of machine tools and services in Canada through distributorship companies. 
Its aims are: 

  • To promote friendly business relations among its members
  • To provide means whereby problems affecting the industry can be readily discussed and to co-operate, as a group, to further the interests of the industry by all desirable and lawful means
  • To stimulate growth in the use of machine tools and secure wider markets for these tools
  • To advertise the industry and the specific advantages attainable through the use of machine tools
  • To make available information which will assist users and prospective users to obtain properly selected machine tools
  • To collect and disseminate statistics on market capacity and other pertinent matters
  • To exchange information among members for the purpose of reducing distribution costs and eliminating waste and duplication of efforts
  • To enable the members, as a group, to discuss with the government, if need be, tariff problems and other issues relating to machine tools.

How to Join the CMTDA

Any individual, partnership, firm, company or corporation may be elected to membership in the CMTDA by an affirmative vote of not less than a simple majority (i.e. 51%) of the members in good standing when such vote is taken. To qualify for regular membership an applicant is required to:

Maintain an office or other recognized place of business; represent at least one recognized manufacturer of machine tools on an exclusive basis in a designated territory; carry its own accounts; be established and actively engaged in the distribution of machine tools in Canada for at least one year at the time of application for membership is made; does at least 51% of its business in new machinery; provide monthly orders booked data in the format set out by the association.

To qualify for associate membership an applicant is required to: maintain an office or other recognized place of business; provide equipment/services ancillary or complementary to machine tools; carry its own accounts.

Application for membership is to be in writing to the president who will submit it to the first general meeting and not later than the next annual meeting. Contact the CMTDA at PO Box 262, Minden, ON KOM 2KO Phone: (705)286-6921 Fax: (705) 286-6905

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CMTDA Annual General Meeting Report

Ninety-two members and guests attended the recent CMTDA 59th Annual General Meeting at the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club in Woodbridge ON on November 29. 

The meeting included reports on the association's activities during the past year, election of officers and a presentation by John Cleveland of IRN, Grand Rapids, MI. 
Cleveland spoke of activity and influences in the automotive industry as they pertained to the machine tool industry.

In other news, Jim Smith and Peter Turton, both directors of the CMTDA for over 10 years, retired from the Board at the meeting. Robert Dunbar thanked them for their service. 

The new directors elected were Brian Donnelly, vice president of Ferro Technique Ltd. and John Manley, president of Machine Tool Systems Inc. We wish them well in their new assignment.

Reed Exhibitions reviewed the Canadian Machine Tool Show in Toronto this past October. While attendance was lower, it was felt that the attendee quality was excellent.

Bob Mathieu of Reed presented the association with a substantial sponsorship cheque to mark the occasion. 
The meeting was followed with cocktails, sponsored by our media guests, MP&P, CM&M and CIP. Approximately 75 guest stayed for the reception and dinner.

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CMTDA Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Robert Dunbar announced CMTDA's plans during his welcome and presentation for a weekend of activity to celebrate 60 years of service to the machine tool industry. CMTDA began in 1942 to assist in the war effort and has continued to promote the use of machine tools while assisting distributors with business requirements that are common to all. The celebration weekend will be held at Deerhurst Resort near Huntsville, ON, which is approximately two hours drive north of Toronto in Muskoka. Plans are to arrive on Friday, June 14th in time for a welcome lunch, an educational seminar for attendees in the afternoon and a welcome Beach BBQ in the evening. Saturday will include a suitable speaker program for the morning, golf or tennis in the afternoon and a semi-formal dinner and dance in the evening. A spousal program is planned for both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Sunday's program will be a joint session with spouses in the morning and a closing lunch. This complete program will be substantially subsidized for all regular members by the association to honour the occasion.

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CMTDA First Annual Golf Classic Report

The CMDTA recently held its first annual golf classic at Pheasant Run Golf Club near Newmarket, ON. The event drew 44 golfers. Pheasant Run is a par 72 course with 27 championship holes over three distinctive nines. During our tournament, the "Scramble Format" rules were observed.

The wining foursome, with a score of -7, was comprised of John Holmes and Don McDonald of Advanced Fabricating Machinery, and their guests, Mike Beazer and Rob Watson. In addition to a trophy, each player received a dozen golf balls. Both the trophy and golf balls were donated by MP&P.

Our second place winners, with a score of -3, were Hans Mueller of UBJ-Boehringer, Peter Knee of Citicapital, Margaret Binns of Neiman Machinery and Dan Larocca of Toshiba. Bryan Sullivan of Upton & Sullivan, Glen Alton of CM&M, Bob Mathieu of Reed Exhibitions and Jim Burrows of CMDTA came in third place, respectably making par. Jim Smith of Ferro Technique (a.k.a. Santa) was closest to the pin, and Peter Knee of Citicapital had the longest drive. Both were winners of a DVD player donated by Citicapital. As Peter Knee is an employee of Citicapital, he gave back his DVD player to be raffled off. It was subsequently won by Barry Snider of UBJ-Boehringer. Congratulations to all the winners.

Thank you to MP&P for donating several prizes, including the 1st Place trophy; Citicapital for donating two DVD players: and to CMTDA for donating additional prizes.

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CMTDA Statistics Report

The most graphic representation of the market conditions is the Moving Average Orders chart, which plots the year over year moving average. As you can see orders peaked in December 2000 and have declined steadily ever since. Metal cutting machine orders for CNC are down 37% while non-CNC are down 16%. Fabricating is down 39% and stamping machinery fared worst of all at 50%. Due to the stabiliztion of the membership numbers, the moving average index chart now mirrors the performance of the membership and is redundant.

Smith Appointed Honourary Member

We are pleased to advise that James R. Smith has been appointed an Honourary Member of CMTDA. Jim's 12 years of service to the association included two years as President and the past two years as the Immediate Past President. Jim is now happily living in Brighton, Ontario and enjoying golf and serving the community. 

CMTDA Board of Directors 

Albert Leblanc, A.W. Miller Technical Sales 
Past President
Robert Dunbar, Toshiba Machine Co. Canada
Vice President and Trade Shows
Kurt Neiman, Neiman Machinery Sales 
Darren Carroll, Ossco Machine Sales 
AMTDA Liaison
Michael Carr, Elliot Matsuura Can. Ltd.
Government Relations
John Manley 
Brian Donnelly 
Juergen Moeglich, UBJ-Boehringer Inc.

Upcoming Events
May 13-15, 2002
Montreal Fabricating & Machine Tool Show
Montreal, QC
June 14-16, 2002

CMTDA Spring Meeting, Deerhurst Resort
Huntsville, ON
August 29, 2002

CMTDA Golf Classic, Pheasant Run Golf Club
Newmarket, ON 

600 Machine Tools
A.M.T. Machine Tools Ltd.
A. W. Miller Technical Sales Canada
Acme Saw Ltd.
Advanced Fabricating Machinery Inc.
Akhurst Machinery Ltd.
Amada Canada Ltd.
Amcan Machine Tool Technology Inc.
Barer Engineering Co.
Cahmac Int’l Machinerie Inc.
CIT Financial Ltd.
Citicapital Commercial Corp.
Citicorp Vendor Finance
Compumachine Canada Inc.
CML Machinery Inc.
DMG Canada Inc.
Elliott Matsuura (Canada) Inc.
Ellison Machinery Company
EMEC Machine Tools Inc.
Ferro Technique Ltd.
Forward Precision Tools Ltd.
G.E. Capital Canada Equipment Financing
Gilbert C. Storey Machinery Ltd.
Graham Machine Sales & Service Inc.
Gross Machinery Group
Haco Canada Ltd.
Hartford Technology Ltd.
Hascotech Inc.
H. H. Roberts Machinery Ltd.
Heinman Machinery Ltd.
Hitachi Seiki U.S.A. Inc.
Ian Jones Sales Ltd.
Industrial Machinery Exchange Inc.
Iscar Tools Inc.
KBC Tools & Machinery Inc.
Key Equipment Finance
M. Jahn Machine Tools Inc.
Machine Tool Systems Inc.
Machinery Canada
Megatel Inc.
Matcom Industrial Installations Inc.
Mitutoyo Canada Inc.
Modern Tool (BC) Ltd.
Neiman Machinery Sales Inc.
Omnitrade Machinery
Orix Financial Services Canada Ltd.
Ossco Machine Sales
Paine Machine Tool Inc.
Parpas America Inc.
Phoenix CNC Tech.
Powermaster Machinery Ltd.
Quickmill Inc.
Royal Bank of Canada, Royal Bank Leasing 
Royal Products
Sirco Machinery Co. Ltd.
SMS Machine Tools Ltd.
Stan-Canada Inc
Swiss Instruments Ltd.
Thomas Skinner & Son Ltd. 
Toolmex Corp., Machine Tool Division
Toshiba Machine Co. Canada Limited
Upton & Sullivan Co. Limited
UBJ-Boehringer Inc.
Westway Machinery Limited
Yervant Industriel/AL Inc.


CMTDA Annual General Meeting 
November 29, Toronto Board of Trade Country Club

CMTDA Past President Robert Dunbar (left) congratulates Jim Smith on being named an Honourary Member of the association.

Juergen Moeglich with RBJ presented a report on the association's growing membership.

The CMTDA's board of directors for 2002 comprises (left to right) Brian Donnelly, Ferro Technique; Darren Carroll, Ossco; Kurt Neiman, Neiman Machinery; Robert Dunbar, Toshiba; Albert Leblanc, A.W. Miller; Juergen Moeglich, UBJ; Jim Burrows, CMTDA; and John Manley, Machine Tool Systems, Absent: Michael Carr, Elliott-Matsuura.

John Cleveland with IRN Inc. was the guest speaker at the CMTDA's recent annual general meeting.  He provided an update on activity in the automotive industry..

Bob Mathieu (right) with Reed Exhibitions presents a cheque to CMTDA Executive Director Jim Burrows.

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News Update

The CMTDA plans to run its compensation survey every two years. The survey will be updated and redesigned to include more pertinent information on employees rather than on the management/owner sector. The association is looking for a new company to tabulate the results and supply participants with information better suited to help with their business. Look for the information to be on your desk in the spring of 2002.

The CMTDA welcomed several new members at its recent annual general meeting. New members joining the association include Toolmex Corp., Schaumburg, IL; Hartford Technology Ltd., Windsor, ON; Mitutoyo Canada Inc., Mississauga, ON; Quickmill Inc., Peterborough, ON; Phoenix CNC Tech., Burlington, ON; Citicorp Vendor Finance, Mississauga, ON; Key Equipment Finance, Oakville, ON; and Citicapital Commercial Corp., Etobicoke, ON.

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